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VW huiang refits pneumatic shock absorber and low prone posture
At the 2016 Geneva auto show, Volkswagen released its new medium and large-scale sedan, phideon. The new car is built on the same MLB platform as Audi A6, and will be introduced into domestic production and sales by SAIC Volkswagen. On the eve of Volkswagen before the 2016 Beijing auto show, SAIC Volkswagen phideon officially launched in China, officially named "huiang" in Chinese.
Because the pronunciation of the English name phideon of huiang is close to that of fides, the Roman goddess symbolizing vows, loyalty and faith, the name of the car means elegance and reliability.
There are many options for refitting pneumatic shock absorbers in low attitude. One is that the original vehicle is refitted with hinge shock absorbers, and the original vehicle's hinge is directly used to upgrade the air bag. Or directly install a full set of shock absorbers, which can make the car body lower. If that is better, it must be better to replace a full set of special pneumatic shock absorbers. Today we come to enjoy the low lying effect of the customized pneumatic shock absorber of Volkswagen huiang! Not only comfortable, but also perfect posture effect!

三段记忆功能:车主可以自行的设置高位,正常,低位三个不同的高度模式,通过按键1 2 3 一键升到或者是降到适合当前路况的高度,高速时可以降到1档低位行驶,降低重心来增强车子的稳定性和降低风阻,还能从一定程度上节省燃油,城市或者是乡村可以升到2档正常的高度来行驶,可以应付大部分路况,如果遇到非常差劲的路况的话可以把车子升到3档,来提高通过性,从最低升到最高大概有12公分左右的行程!3个不同高度的档位可以随时的快速切换!
The components of pneumatic shock absorber are control system and pneumatic shock absorber barrel!
Three stage memory function: the car owner can set three different height modes of high position, normal position and low position by himself. By pressing the button 1, 2 and 3, the car can be raised or lowered to the height suitable for the current road conditions. When driving at high speed, the car can be lowered to the first gear and driven at low position to reduce the center of gravity to enhance the stability of the car and reduce the wind resistance, and save fuel to a certain extent, In cities or villages, you can go up to second gear and drive normally. You can cope with most of the road conditions. If you encounter very bad road conditions, you can go up to third gear to improve the trafficability. It's about 12 cm from the lowest to the highest! Three different heights of gear can be quickly switched at any time!


Intelligent air replenishment and intelligent adjustment of car level: in fact, the functions of these two functions are probably the same. For example, when the car body is originally horizontal, a fat man sits in the rear seat, the height of the rear side will be reduced. At this time, the computer will detect the height change of the rear side and respond in less than a second, The two airbags in the back inflate to keep the body level!


The ignition will automatically rise to the set position height: such a function is that no matter what height you park, for example, the lowest or the highest, when you stop, get off and drive again, the system will automatically raise the car to the second gear position, that is, the normal car height! This has both advantages and disadvantages. For example, the road condition is very bad. There is no suitable parking space. When you park, you stop at the highest position. When you drive again, the system will automatically reduce. If you just park on a very high rural cement deceleration belt, it is very likely or direct bottoming! The advantage is that in a normal parking lot, the car stops to the lowest level. When you drive again, the train will automatically rise to the normal driving height at one o'clock. Think about how high the driving height is


One key to the lowest: a key, can reduce the car to the lowest state! There is a key on the control panel to lower. Press for 3 seconds, and the whole car will be kept to the lowest state! Why three seconds? Because this is to prevent misoperation, if your car is in the driving state, if any child or special circumstances accidentally touch the button which is lowered by this key, it is a very terrible thing, so the design will 100% avoid this situation, all the buttons you accidentally touch do not matter, as long as not long press will be OK!

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